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Polar Airlines

Russian Polar Airlines Performed More Than 1,500 Flights with Expired Maintenance

More than 1,500 flights on aircraft with “expired” components and inadequate maintenance have been identified in Yakutia.

The Yakutian airline “Polar Airlines” had passenger planes that operated for a prolonged period with incomplete and untimely maintenance. Sources close to the government of Yakutia and the Ministry of Transport revealed this to the telegram channel “Aviatorshchina”.

According to the supervisory authority’s calculations, the republican air carrier allowed at least 730 flights to be performed by five aircraft (two An-26, two An-24, and one L-410) using components with expired designated lifespan or exceeding the interval between repairs.

These components include fuel pumps and sensors, oxygen supply units, flutter valves, windshield wiper drive, magnetic compass, pressure gauges, inductive pressure sensors, ammeters, and other instruments and modules.

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