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Russia Launched Golden Visa

A residence permit for investors allows free entry into Russia to conduct business in any region without obtaining a temporary residence permit. The Golden Visa is issued from January 11th.

To obtain a golden visa in Russia you need to invest 15 million rubles ($202000) in socially significant projects of the region or 30 million rubles ($404000) into the capital of a Russian legal entity. Another option is to buy real estate for any purpose at the construction stage or within two years after its commissioning with a total cadastral value of 25 million rubles ($337000) (in Moscow – from 50 million rubles ($773000), in the Far East – from 20 million rubles ($270000)). The third possibility is registration and at least two years of business ownership with the payment of 4 million rubles ($53000) in taxes per year.

In 2022, the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation expected that in the first year of the launch of the program, about 300-400 foreign investors would use it, in three years – no more than 600-650 per year. 

“We see interest in this mechanism from investors from the countries of the EAEU, the CIS, the Middle East and Asia. According to our calculations, the new law will allow attract up to 12 billion rubles to Russia. in the first year and more than 40 billion rubles ($543M) in subsequent ones. These investments will help in the development of the construction industry, agriculture, and industry,” said Deputy Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Volvach.

Singapore launched a new five-year visa program. The new visa program aims at those earning at least 30,000 Singapore dollars ($22,300) per month in fields such as finance, technology, academia, sports and arts.

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