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Piglets to Take Care of Vineyards in France

The piglets will take care of vineyards in France, the Champagne region. Thanks to this, winemakers were able to abandon the use of harmful pesticides for plant treatment and contribute to the development of organic agriculture.

The piglets were brought from New Zealand. Unlike sheep, which Europeans often call for help with lawn care, pigs do not just “cut” weeds, but tear them out along with the root, preventing re-growth.

In addition, due to the peculiarities of their physiology, piglets are not able to raise their heads high. Therefore, they will not be able to damage the crop accidentally.

Agricultural land is considered organic if artificial fertilizers and pesticides are not used for cultivation. Natural fertilizers are used to restore the soil, and the crops grown are combined in a unique way and replace each other. And to combat parasites, their natural enemies are used. In this way, organic producers conserve both crops and biodiversity near agricultural land.

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