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Oman Air Prepares Fleet for Return to Service

Oman Air is meeting or exceeding the highest fleet-maintenance standards in preparation of its return to scheduled service. In line with long-established quality-assurance measures and aircraft manufacturers’ recommended procedures, a comprehensive program is in place to ensure that aircraft are properly maintained during the storage period.

Rigorous programs are in place to ensure that all aircraft systems were properly prepared for storage and are correctly maintained until they return to service. As maintenance workers address these needs, thorough, detailed plans are in place to ensure their personal safety.

The aircraft storage process includes covering aircraft engines to protect them from dust and sand, along with disconnecting batteries. Seats are covered, internal doors are opened and other steps are taken to ensure cabin hygiene. In the course of storage, batteries are reconnected and recharged, and wheels are rotated to ensure tires are not damaged by sitting in one place for extended periods of time. Throughout the process, daily and weekly checks are performed, in addition to routine maintenance. Engines are regularly started and tests are performed on flight controls, engine reversers and other systems.

Across the recent weeks and months, all pending maintenance or repair needs and cabin-interior overhauls have been addressed and will be addressed as needed.

All these processes are carried out by staff wearing personal protective equipment as they maintain appropriate distancing and have ample access to hand sanitizer. Staff also have their temperatures taken before their shifts begin and their temperatures are recorded so they can be monitored over time. When aircraft are returned to service, the scope of requirements is such that that it takes anywhere from 10 to 48 hours to return each plane to flight-ready status, depending on its type.

Oman Air ’s technical experts are in constant contact with aircraft manufacturers and health and safety experts to ensure that the airline maintains the best possible commitment to effective care and maintenance of its fleet.

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