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Foldable Office Solution

New Foldable Office Solution for Digital Nomads

In the USA, a new foldable office solution called the Edge Desk has been developed, allowing people to work comfortably in any location. The concept behind this universal workspace is a hybrid of a desk and a chair with an ergonomic design. The structure aims to address issues with posture and back pain that often arise for office workers sitting for extended periods in traditional office chairs.

The Edge Desk can be set up in less than 10 seconds and folds down into a flat case with a depth of just 152 mm, making it compact enough to fit in a car trunk. The combined weight of the aluminum desk and chair is slightly over 11 kg, allowing it to be carried with one hand. For added convenience, optional wheels can be purchased, enabling the portable mini-office to be rolled like a suitcase. The height and tilt angle of the desk are adjustable.

Manufacturers note that this solution has become especially relevant and in demand during and after the pandemic, as the number of digital nomads has increased. Additionally, the foldable office is suitable for creative professionals, as it can be transformed from a work desk into an artist’s easel.

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