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Mandarin Oriental Embraces AI for Food Waste Reduction

On World Environment Day, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group proudly announces a significant environmental initiative: the installation of Winnow’s food waste technology in all its hotels by the end of 2025. This move reflects Mandarin Oriental’s dedication to setting a new sustainability standard in luxury hospitality.

The effectiveness of Winnow’s AI technology has already been demonstrated, with a notable 36% reduction in food waste observed in four pilot hotels: Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong; Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London; Mandarin Oriental, Miami; and Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai. These results underscore the Group’s commitment to operational excellence and environmental responsibility.

Implementing Winnow’s cutting-edge technology across all Mandarin Oriental hotels is central to the Group’s broader sustainability strategy. Given that food waste contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and up to 10% of the world’s emissions, the Group aims to reduce waste intensity by 50% by 2030, aligning with the United Nations SDG 12.3.

Winnow’s data will empower hotel teams to make informed decisions that benefit the environment and their bottom line, with kitchens typically saving between 2-8% on food costs. Initiatives to manage food waste will include colleague educational campaigns, overhauling buffet operations, food donation, and composting programs.

With Mandarin Oriental restaurants holding 26 Michelin Stars globally, including Michelin’s Green-star recognition at Amber in Hong Kong, the Group plans to leverage its chefs’ creativity to raise awareness on food waste reduction. Chefs will use insights from Winnow’s data to inform zero waste menus and recipes.

Torsten van Dullemen, Group Director of Sustainability and Area Vice President Operations, emphasizes, “Our commitment to sustainability complements our promise of exceptional guest experiences. Integrating Winnow’s technology across our global portfolio is a bold step towards reducing our ecological impact and reinforcing our industry leadership position.”

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