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Lopburi, Thailand, Launches Campaign to Tackle Monkey Invasion

Lopburi in central Thailand is grappling with an invasion of marauding wild monkeys, whose population continues to grow. Tired of the uninvited guests from the jungle, local authorities have decided to conduct a large-scale campaign to capture and relocate the fearless animals, reports The Independent.

Stray monkeys have long been a symbol and major tourist attraction for the city, located 140 kilometers north of Bangkok. However, the animals are becoming increasingly aggressive, with several videos circulating online showing them stealing food from residents and even causing bodily harm. The city’s mayor, Chamroen Salachip, acknowledges that the monkeys, which once attracted tourists, are harming trade as revenues in shops and malls have declined.

The first phase of the plan, implemented on Friday, involves setting up trap cages throughout the city, baited with the monkeys’ favorite treats. Once the monkeys become accustomed to these new objects, their natural caution is expected to give way to hunger.

Reports indicate that the plan is already starting to work, with several monkeys successfully captured. However, the main task lies ahead, as an estimated 2,500 monkeys roam the city streets. Catching a few dozen is just the beginning.

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