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France to Launch a Single Ticket

Clément BEAUNE, Minister delegate in charge of transport and the representatives of local authorities announce the launch of joint work on the implementation of a single ticket in France.

The implementation of a single ticket at a national level is developing in several European countries. It is a system that works on a large scale and makes the daily lives of users easier. It simplifies and encourages access to public transport, which is less expensive and more ecological than the private car.

The Minister in charge of Transport, Mr. Clément BEAUNE launched a hackathon to mobilize all the French actors and manage to develop a concrete solution to implement the single ticket and thus simplify travel in all territories and transport networks in France.

This hackathon, to create the “transport ticket of tomorrow”, was held during the forum of the Innovation Agency for Transport, at the Cité des sciences et de l’Industrie, on February 7 and 8, 2023 .

Ten teams representing the entire transport ecosystem have mobilized to remove technical obstacles in order to design a single transport ticket: transport authorities, transport operators, publishers of ticketing solutions and digital service applications, offices of studies, user representatives and students.

The jury, made up of the Minister of Transport, elected representatives of the Regions of France, GART, France Urbaine and Intermunicipalities of France, chose the winning solutions “France Moov’” and “Carte LEM”.

These solutions are now supported by the Transport Innovation Agency (AIT) to study their deployment. Experiments may take place with volunteer communities in the coming months.

Portugal takes the first step to introducing a single ticket for the entire country. At the end of last week, a new project, called 1Bilhete.pt, was launched in Portugal with the aim of gradually introducing interoperability between the ticketing systems of the country’s various public transport operators. 

From September 2022, it is possible to travel for free on various trains of the state company Renfe.

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