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Wizz Air Check-in Rules Changed

Wizz Air check-in rules changed in case of flight delays. If a flight is rescheduled to a later time, the online check-in and airport check-in times remain unchanged and stay the same, as reported by Avianews.

This means that if a passenger receives a notification about a flight delay and decides to check-in later, they may not be able to board the plane at all, as check-in may already be closed. For example, if check-in was supposed to end at 3:00 PM, but the flight is delayed by 3 hours, check-in will still close at 3:00 PM, not at 6:00 PM.

Wizz Air’s rules stipulate that online check-in closes 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure. Airport check-in closes 40 minutes before departure in most cities served by Wizz Air. In some airports, check-in closes 1 hour before departure.

If a passenger fails to check-in for the flight online for free, they can do so at the airport, but in most cases, an additional fee of 40 euros per passenger is charged for this. To avoid paying additional fees, check-in for the flight should be done as if the departure is not delayed at all.

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