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Aurora Borealis in Russia

Exploring Spectacular Aurora Borealis in Russia

You don’t have to embark on an expedition through the Norwegian fjords to witness the Northern Lights; you can experience the Aurora Borealis in Russia. Regions like Murmansk, Yakutia, and the Arkhangelsk Oblast offer their unique set of activities for discerning travelers.

Aurora Borealis in Russia:

In the Murmansk Oblast, you can go on a reindeer sleigh ride, venture into the Khibiny Mountains, or take a trip to Teriberka, where you can marvel at the monumental ship graveyard along the shores of the Barents Sea. The Northern Lights make their appearance here as early as September and can be observed until the end of March. You even have a high chance of catching the enchanting glow right in the heart of Murmansk.

Yakutia is home to the “Pole of Cold,” a place known as Oymyakon, where temperatures can occasionally plummet to -60°C. On the bright side, the air here is exceptionally clear, and there is very little cloud cover, making it an ideal spot for Northern Lights viewing.

In the Arkhangelsk Oblast, the city of Mirny offers a comfortable base for activities such as skiing or snowmobiling through picturesque forests and snow-covered lakes. Just 2.5 hours away from the city lies the Kenozero National Park, where there’s virtually no light pollution, creating the perfect environment for observing the Northern Lights.

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