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Emirates Unveils Unique Capsule Collection Made from Recycled Aircraft Interiors

Emirates, the renowned airline, has introduced a distinctive capsule collection featuring luggage, bags, and accessories crafted from recycled aircraft cabin elements.

This limited-edition collection comprises suitcases, backpacks, women’s and travel bags, cardholders, belts, and even footwear – all meticulously designed and handcrafted by Emirates tailors in a dedicated workshop located within the Emirates Engineering division in Dubai. The bags and accessories are set to hit official Emirates stores in 2024, with all proceeds directed towards children in need through the Emirates Airline Foundation. The new collection will also be showcased at the Emirates booth during the Dubai Airshow at Al-Maktoum International Airport from November 13 to 17.

Given that each item is handcrafted, customers have the option to request exclusive laser engraving on select unique bags, suitcases, or document folders. Aviation enthusiasts can soon place orders on the Emirates Store website, but availability is limited.

Emirates utilized premium materials, including high-quality leather from First-Class seats and fabric made from 95% wool seat covers. All materials undergo thorough cleaning at a specialized center, followed by manual purification, conditioning for leather if needed, and disinfection before the creation of these distinctive pieces. The bags feature entirely new linings and functional zippers.

Emirates employs a team of 14 “tailors,” officially known as Technical Assistant Attendants, responsible for resolving and repairing any imperfections in the cabins of numerous Emirates aircraft. Four of these specialists are currently fully engaged in the material repurposing initiative and the creation of new items. To develop ideas for reusing various materials, they collaborate with suppliers.

The initiative not only showcases Emirates’ commitment to sustainability but also provides aviation enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to own a piece of the airline’s history, all while contributing to a charitable cause.

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