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Domodedovo Launches Photo Exhibition Dedicated to Yuri Gagarin

On April 12, the «Gagarin ’s epoch» photo exhibition opened at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. The exposition is timed to the 60th anniversary of the first cosmonaut’s flight. The organizers are TASS news agency and the airport.

The exhibition is dedicated to the birthday of the airport founded on the 7th of April in 1962 and is launched in the year of the 95th anniversary of TASS’ Photo Bank – the agency’s photo service that has been keeping the chronicle of events in Russia and abroad for almost a century. TASS was the first to announce to the world about Gagarin’s flight and to provide media with the photo of the first pilot-cosmonaut of the planet. Passengers and guests of the airport can see TASS unique photos of prelaunch preparation for the flight, the pictures made after successful spaceship landing in 1861 and during solemn celebration of this globally important event.

The editorial director of TASS photo information Grigoriy Dukor declared that Gagarin ’s flight became «the triumph of our country, impressive evidence of its scientific technical leadership. Those were the days of elation that brought people together not only in the country but in the whole world. The photos at the exhibition help to feel those incredible emotions again. TASS is proud with its involvement in this historical event: our agency was the first to announce about the beginning of manned space exploration era. However, for TASS the space exploration is not just one of the topics on the information agenda. It is the story of real friendship – our journalists and first cosmonauts had close friendly relations. May be that is why our photo reporters managed to make such soulful snapshots».

According to the PR-director of Moscow Domodedovo Airport Korshunova Darya, «It’s the third joint photo project of TASS and the airport. This year in January the «Travelling in Russia» project was launched. It shows the most interesting and unusual places of the country where you can get by flights from Moscow. In March, we opened the photo exhibition «Under the dome of the sky» dedicated to the history of Moscow Domodedovo airport. With great pride we present the «Gagarin’s epoch» exhibition realizing what an important achievement the first space flight became for the whole world».

The exhibition is displayed at Moscow Domodedovo Airport on the first floor of the public area. Entry to the exhibition is free of charge.

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