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Hotels with Shark Nets in Hurghada

Discover Underwater Red Sea Secrets at Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh

In the spectacular Red Sea destination, lies the rare sea-and-desert resort, nestled within the lush hillside greenery, where the sandy beach is tucked along the glittering Red Sea shore at Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh with easy access to more than 70 dive sites, including sun-drenched coral gardens, historic WWII shipwrecks and deep open-ocean walls.

Unmatched by any other resort in the destination, Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh offers the only offshore diving and snorkelling experience – without guests having to leave the Resort – with guided dives at the Resort’s house reef with its marine life, the uninhabited surrounding islands, or adventurous sports including the parasailing experience, banana boat rides and plenty more.

Whether seeking activities above or under water, there is something for every guest.

To help plan a seaside trip in Egypt’s diving capital, Resort-based Director of Operations Sinai Blues Dive Center and Open Water Scuba Instructor Riham Hussein welcomes the opportunity to show guests her Red Sea with a three-day itinerary that will sure make every stay a memorable one. While her love of the sea means she enjoys diving in many waters, she has been lucky enough to call Sharm El Sheikh home.

“Because Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh is surrounded by uninhabited islands, the sea generally stays very rich and is calm almost every day of the year, making it suitable for water activities at all times. Our reefs are some of the healthiest in the entire destination with an abundance of marine life and huge schools of many different species, sometimes even rare ones, that frequent our surrounding waters,” says Riham Hussein.

Day 1: Escape on a Red Sea cruise

Guests begin the day by waking up to the sweeping views of the Red Sea and savouring a delectable Four Seasons breakfast before heading to the golden sands of the Red Sea.

They then bask in the warm sun and cool off in the turquoise waters, then proceed to explore the waters on one of the Dive Center’s yachts while the details are taken care of. Private charter cruises are best enjoyed at sunset for a chance to spot dolphins of the azure water.

On the walk back to the room through the lush greenery, they stop for dinner at Sails, famous for its authentic Asian bites and a creative cocktail selection, paired with stunning waterfront dining and a majestic view of the islands in the distance.

Day 2: Share the phenomenal underwater world

Guests start their day by watching the sunrise over the desert-and-sea sanctuary while the sea breeze whisks them away in a moment of zen.

Dive masters guided trips allows them to later explore the underwater world in a personalised experience with maximum dive time no matter the skill level. The choices are abundant between the Resort’s house reef of stunning corals and brightly coloured reef fish – accessed easily from the swimming and snorkelling jetty – or heading farther south to the dramatic Shark and Yolanda reefs in Ras Mohammed National Park.

This is followed by a quiet evening of star-gazing in the privacy of the room’s terrace or poolside, by one of four swimming pools.

Day 3: Time for some adventure

Waking up early to savour an authentic Egyptian breakfast at Arabesque including the famed foul and falafel is a must to fuel guests up for the adventures ahead.

Fun in the sea and sun is guaranteed as they ride the crest of the wave in a banana boat while the Resort provides a playful background or glide the skies of Sharm El Sheikh and watch the clouds roll by on another beautiful day in paradise while enjoying a parasailing experience.

The trip then ends on a high note with a night dive where divers can see down to an impressive depth of 10 metres (33 feet) with the lights of the full moon and witness the bioluminescence of glowing planktons tiny particles.

On September 1, Egypt has re-opened Luxor and Aswan governorates to international visitors, including temples, archaeological sites, and museums. If you’re considering travelling to Egypt, you should ensure you know about any restrictions, entry requirements and other rules that are in place before you go.

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