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dentist in airport

Dentist in Airport? Domodedovo Offers Dental Services

Are you looking for a dentist in airport? The first private dentist office has opened in Domodedovo Airport, Russia: now passengers have the opportunity to receive dental treatment, including emergency cases without an appointment and without leaving the airport building.

The new dental clinic, located inside the Dmemed Medical Center in the departure area, will offer services ranging from treating a diseased or broken tooth to providing hygiene cleaning immediately upon disembarking from the plane. Additionally, passengers can receive planned, high-tech procedures such as a frenectomy, cyst or tooth removal. The clinic will provide emergency dental care with surgery, periodontology (gum and bone tissue treatment), and various types of therapy, including orthodontic treatment. Two therapists and a surgeon will work in shifts, and passengers in acute pain will be attended to without waiting in line.

“The goal of opening dentistry in Domodedovo for us is to test a new format of medical tourism for our country, primarily for citizens from other regions and CIS countries. Medicine in our country is valued for its high quality at a relatively low cost, especially in dentistry. Patients can fly in and out on the same day after treatment or combine it with a tourist or business trip to Russia,” explains Vyacheslav Mun, the founder of the Dr. Mun dentistry network.

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