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Delta to Launch New Uniform

Delta plans to roll out a completely new uniform program for flight attendants and above-wing airport customer service employees and will provide updates to its existing uniform in the interim.

“At Delta, our people are the foundation for our success. In response to our employees, we’ve taken steps over the past few months to address feedback received about the uniform, including offering alternative garments, hiring fabric experts, and conducting comprehensive chemical testing,” said Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Director — New Uniform Program. “This is a big decision, but we side with our people, and we are making a change.”

Delta plans on using this opportunity to identify more sustainable textile practices, taking greater control of the production process and offering employees a greater choice of garments. Moving forward, the new uniforms will carry the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label, the highest standard in the textile industry.

Delta is targeting late 2021 for the new uniform launch.

In addition to alternate options already permitted, Delta employees will be offered new uniform choices in the interim.

Below-wing employees have shared overall positive feedback about the uniform program and those employees will continue with the current uniforms. Delta is making some updates to the collection in response to employee feedback.

The current uniform program launched in May 2018. Approximately 65,000 frontline employees — 35,000 above-wing and 30,000 below-wing — received these uniforms. Above-wing employees typically work in customer-facing roles in the airport or on board the aircraft, including flight attendants, gate and ticket agents, while below-wing employees work in roles such as baggage handling and aircraft maintenance.

Delta will share additional details soon and will provide opportunities for employee engagement and feedback in the coming days.

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