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La Cité du Vin

Cité du Vin Launches Via Sensoria, a Unique Immersive Tasting Journey

From 7 April to 5 November, the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux is innovating by offering its visitors a brand new experience that combines immersive art, an entertaining stroll and tasting: the Via Sensoria Immersive tasting journey. An activity accessible to all, including families and those who are not wine lovers, tasting wines from around the world or original non-alcoholic drinks, accompanied by a sommelier as they stroll through 4 dreamlike spaces combining visual, audio and poetic creations. Developed by GEDEON Programmes for the Cité du Vin, Via Sensoria is an artistic, digital and immersive creation that renews and completes the cultural offer at the Cité du Vin. For its first edition, Via Sensoria will take visitors on a journey on the theme As the seasons pass.    

The Via Sensoria Immersive tasting journey is a unique artistic, digital and immersive creation developed by GEDEON Programmes for the Cité du Vin, to be discovered from 7 April to 5 November 2023. “We wanted to offer our visitors a sensory break that would be like nothing available elsewhere and at the same time an alternative and complementary proposal to the Cité du Vin’s existing tasting offer, while being accessible to all, including families and those who are not wine lovers,” says Philippe Hernandez, director of cultural programming and development. 

Via Sensoria is conceived as a sensory journey in which visitors are invited to experience a unique tutored tasting by strolling through 4 immersive and dreamlike spaces, combining visual, audio and poetic creations. For its first edition, the theme for Via Sensoria will be As the seasons pass. From spring to winter, from sunrise to sunset, the public will experience the annual cycle of nature in the space of one hour. At the entrance to the 4 areas (each devoted to a specific season), a tasting of world wines or non-alcoholic drinks will be led by a sommelier-guide. Along the way, participants are encouraged to fully experience their sensations and emotions.

“Via Sensoria is an experience to be lived. Through its original architecture, its staging, its light and sound ambiance, each of the four pavilions stimulates the senses. Its identity and its unique form offer an experience that is different every time, by placing the visitor in a new situation. The journey from one pavilion to another is both physical and emotional,” adds Philippe Hernandez.

6 original poems (in French, English and Spanish), specially created for this experience, will also mark out the journey, to complete this sensory and dreamlike work.

To devise Via Sensoria, the Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations called on GEDEON Programmes with the artistic assistance of staging designers Sylvain Roca and Julia Dessirier (Atelier Sylvain Roca), director Olivier Brunet, composer Christian Holl, poet Nami Moukheiber, and the creative studios Sabir (graphic design) and Aura Studio (lighting design).

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