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Belgrade and Pristina to Resume Air Traffic

Air traffic between Belgrade and Pristina will resume in the coming months after more than 20 years. The authorities of Serbia and Kosovo, which proclaimed itself an independent state in 2008, signed a memorandum of intent regarding the resumption of flights on the Belgrade-Pristina line back in February.

The flights between Belgrade and Pristina will be operated by a Lufthansa Group airline. Previously, no airline could start flights between Pristina and Belgrade because there were too many administrative barriers in place.

Travelers will be able to use their identity cards issued by Kosovo or by Serbia instead of passports, depending on where their journey originates, because Serbia does not recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

Pristina International Airport to reopen for flights in June. Kosovo has removed all COVID-related travel restrictions and entry requirements for incoming tourists. 

Kosovo is the deadliest place in the world right now for coronavirus. Kosovo has recorded 54.2 fatalities per million people resulting from Covid-19 in the past week.

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