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Flights to Iqaluit

Air Greenland Launches Flights to Iqaluit

On 26 June 2024, Air Greenland will launch flights to Iqaluit from Nuuk, during the summer peak season until 23 October.

The new route will have a weekly departure every Wednesday and will offer a same-day connection to the Canadian capital Ottawa with the airline Canadian North.

Flights to Iqaluit is a follow-up to the co-operation agreement signed in 2022 between Nunavut and Greenland. In it, the countries want to increase cooperation in the areas of culture, education, fisheries and green energy and, last but not least, to pave the way for better mobility. The latter is now becoming a reality.

The route will be operated by Air Greenland weekly with Dash8 and will depart from Nuuk every Wednesday at 15:30. The journey to Iqaluit takes approximately 2 hours, and as there is also a two-hour time difference, you will land in Iqaluit at approximately 15:35. The new route will initially operate from June to October with the possibility of expansion if demand is good.

“Our mission is to lift Greenland, and with the opening of the route to Iqaluit, we will greatly contribute to further opening up the country for cooperation with Inuit and neighbours to the west. It will be our fifth international route after Keflavik, Kastrup, Billund, Aalborg and now Iqaluit. The desire to visit each other in the Arctic region has increased since the last scheduled flight between the two capitals in 2014. We believe that the time and the local market are now right to resume the route”, says Jacob Nitter Sørensen.

Connection to Ottawa

With the opening of the route to Iqaluit, it will also be possible to fly on to Ottawa, the capital of Canada, located 2100 kilometres south of the capital of Nunavut.

Air Greenland has entered into an interline agreement with the Canadian airline, Canadian North, so that from the beginning of 2024 it will also be possible to buy a continuous ticket between Nuuk and Ottowa. This will also mean that in the future, tickets can be booked directly to the two destinations on both airlines’ websites.

– I am very pleased that we have also succeeded in establishing a collaboration with Canadian North, so that travellers can easily book tickets all the way to Ottowa and other destinations in the region. It will be exciting to follow the development, and we look forward to both sending residents to the west and receiving guests from both Nunavut and Canada, says Air Greenland’s CEO, Jacob Nitter Sørensen.

Johnny Adams, Chairman of the Board of Canadians North, is also pleased with the co-operation agreement with Air Greenland.

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