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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Offers Russians to Cancel Tickets to Mexico

Turkish Airlines has offered tour operators to cancel tickets for flights from Russia to Mexico until July 31 or change the route and dates of the flight. This information comes from RBC.

The offer applies to tickets for flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kazan to Mexico City and Cancun, which were issued before April 23.

A forced refund without penalty is provided for unused tickets, provided that the transaction is carried out before July 31, 2024 (inclusive).

Earlier, ATOR announced that the Turkish airline had stopped selling tickets for flights from Russia to Mexico, with corresponding notices beginning to appear when searching on the Turkish Airlines website. However, flight tickets from Istanbul to Mexico and other Latin American countries can still be purchased.

The Russian Embassy has reached out to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but since no response has been received yet, it has advised citizens to carefully consider the advisability of flying with Turkish Airlines. Diplomats suggested that individuals take legal action against the airline in their place of residence to demand compensation for damages.

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