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Abkhazia Cancels 0.5$ Tourist Tax

Abkhazia canceled the tourist tax in the country from January 1, 2023 due to the lack of economic effect and the negative impact on the tourist image of the republic.

The tax in Abkhazia was symbolic: 30 rubles (0.5$), which was charged one-time to those who stayed in officially registered accommodation facilities for more than three days.

“In the absence of a significant positive financial effect, this fee negatively affects the resort image of the country, negatively affects the perception of tourists of the state’s activities in the field of developing resort attractiveness, and also creates an additional burden on the tax authorities, since the administration of the tourist tax is a laborious process, in practice there is no the opportunity to fully ensure its collection,” says the explanatory materials to the law, which abolished the tourist tax in Abkhazia.

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