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Airlander 10

Airlander 10 Aircraft to Enter Service in the Scottish Highlands and Islands

Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited and the Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (HITRANS) have today announced a plan to progress potential Airlander 10 services for the Highlands and Islands, and substantially improve regional passenger and freight transport by air.

The plan includes an agreement to develop a full business case for the commercial operation of Airlander 10 aircraft in the region for passenger and freight services, through a new joint study, a continuation of earlier concept and feasibility study work. This activity represents a significant further commitment by HITRANS in the research and planning of future decarbonised air services serving Scotland.

To support the potential for new services in the region, Hybrid Air Vehicles will also reserve early production slots for six Airlander 10 aircraft for HITRANS.

Together, with a proven business case and the option of six Airlander 10 aircraft will enable HITRANS and Hybrid Air Vehicles to identify a commercial operator to begin delivering services in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands.

The integration of Airlander 10 will also support the region’s goals of net-zero air transport by 2045.

Airlander 10 is a new type of ultra-low emissions aircraft capable of carrying 100 passengers, or ten tonnes of freight payload, or a combination of both, with up to 90% fewer emissions when compared like-for-like with similar aircraft. It has unique capabilities, such as its inherent efficiency and its ability to take-off and land with limited infrastructure, which make it ideally suited to meet specific needs in the Highlands and Islands and comparable remote and island geographies globally.

The announcement builds on an earlier feasibility study between Hybrid Air Vehicles and HITRANS, through the UKRI-funded Sustainable Aviation Test Environment (SATE), which found that Airlander 10 can substantially improve the provision of low carbon emissions passenger and freight services for the region with minimal investment in infrastructure upgrades.

Throughout 2024, Hybrid Air Vehicles has announced significant progress toward the full-scale production and market-entry of Airlander 10, its first aircraft, by the end of this decade. In February 2024, it announced that Type Certification had begun with the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, which would regulate the aircraft for civil aviation roles. In March 2024, it announced a flagship production site at Carcroft Common, in South Yorkshire, with the backing of the City of Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

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