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Pinterest Unveils Main Travel Trends in 2024

With just a month left until the summer vacation season, many tourists have already planned their trips. Based on recent data, Pinterest analysts have identified the main travel trends for summer 2024. This year, wellness trips are taking the lead. As the hustle and bustle of everyday life takes its toll, travelers are seeking digital detox and serenity amidst carefree landscapes and rejuvenating experiences. Say goodbye to crowded cities and hello to remote wilderness promising tranquility and self-discovery. Adventure trips for adrenaline junkies, mysterious destinations adding excitement and wonder, as well as nature getaways, are all becoming increasingly popular.

Additionally, experts predict that solo travel will continue to dominate in 2024, as people seek personal growth and reflection. At the same time, Generation Z individuals are leveraging the opportunity to deepen connections with friends through personal and affordable road trips.

The top five travel trends for summer 2024:

Craving for Adventure

Over the past year, the number of search queries from tourists interested in adventure tourism has increased by 45% worldwide. Adventures offer people a surge of adrenaline, immersion in nature, and a boost in spirits. They also provide opportunities for personal growth, physical and mental well-being, as well as the practice of sustainable tourism.

Currently, the most popular types of adventure tourism include water park attractions (interest growth +170%), luxury safaris (+110%), hiking (+94%), underwater photography (+60%), camping (+44%), mountaineering (+40%), trekking (+40%), spelunking (+40%), and canoeing (+35%).

Tranquil Journeys

The desire for a quieter and more carefree way of life is growing. The number of searches for “quiet life” has increased by 530%, and searches for “quiet” and “serene” have increased by 50% and 42% respectively in the past year. People are increasingly seeking trips for digital detox, and solo travel (interest growth +35%) gives them the freedom to unapologetically shape their route, pace, and priorities.

Specifically, among the most popular “quiet” travel formats are glamping (interest growth +260%), national parks (+250%), mountain cabins (+180%), rural atmosphere (+145%), wellness retreats (+90%), island life (+30%), and forest walks (+30%).

Mysterious Places

The search for mysterious places is growing as travelers crave to visit locations shrouded in secrets and enchantment, promising a blend of wonder, adventure, and the undiscovered. From otherworldly natural landscapes to whispering ancient ruins, these hidden gems stir the imagination and lure travelers in search of spiritual enlightenment and transcendence. Journeying into the depths of ancient cities or uncovering forgotten worlds becomes a bold odyssey that pushes boundaries and reveals profound truths about oneself and the world.

In the top positions are tranquil nature (interest growth +340%), places on Earth that seem unreal (+240%), exploration of abandoned places (+230%), places with ghosts (+155%), ancient cities (+75%), and lost places (+40%).

Generation Z and Road Adventures

Young people born approximately between 1997 and 2012 are increasingly seeking road trips with friends as an affordable leisure option, allowing them to share expenses and be spontaneous. Road trips offer the chance to savor every moment of the journey, creating opportunities for strengthening bonds and creating unforgettable memories “just for us.”

Tourists most often search for the following information here: comfortable road attire (interest growth +250%), what to pack for the trip (+66%), snacks on the road (+65%), where to go with friends (+50%), and nature trips with friends (+50%).

Most Popular Destinations

More and more tourists are not just discovering new places to visit—they are embarking on purposeful and enthusiastic journeys. Enjoying exotic cuisine, immersing themselves in vibrant culture, diving into exciting nightlife, or exploring serene rural landscapes, travelers seek experiences that align with their interests and hobbies. By combining their passions with travel, they discover a world of fascinating encounters that broaden their horizons and deepen cultural connections.

Meanwhile, the most popular destinations this summer have become the London lifestyle (interest growth +340%), South African cuisine (+320%), partying in Santorini (+300%), nightlife in Goa (+270%), summer in Brazil (+250%), the atmosphere of Bali (+195%), the history of Myanmar (+170%), rural India (+100%), the culture of Singapore (+100%), and the aesthetics of Morocco (+90%).

As rustourismnews.com reported earlier, travel experts previously named several interesting cities in Europe worth visiting in the summer of 2024 if you’re looking for a cool getaway.

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