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Mayor of Moscow Forecasts 52 Million Tourists by 2030

The number of tourists visiting Moscow is expected to reach 52 million annually by 2030, announced the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, in his blog on Tuesday.

“According to preliminary estimates by experts, industry revenue will grow by 2.7 times to 3.6 trillion rubles. The contribution to GDP will increase to 8%, and the volume of ‘tourist money’ in the revenue part of the budget will reach 500 billion rubles,” Sobyanin wrote.

He noted that by 2030, Moscow will be visited by up to 52 million tourists per year, which will represent approximately 35-40% of the total number of tourists in the country. The city will also host approximately 20 million day-trippers annually – guests who visit for a single day without overnight stays.

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