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Amadeus Predicts Key Travel Trends for 2024

Amadeus, a leading travel technology company, has forecasted several travel trends for 2024 based on its data and industry insights.


Travel trends for 2024:

Music Tourism Boom

After the pandemic-induced hiatus, the desire for connection is fueling a surge in concerts and festivals. Artists like Coldplay and Taylor Swift are influencing travel patterns, with increased flight searches and bookings around concert dates. This trend is expected to accelerate in 2024.

Agents of Influence

Social media influencers are evolving into “Agents of Influence,” facilitating direct bookings through their channels. Influencers, partnering with e-commerce marketplaces, organize and host group trips, providing a new way for followers to experience curated travel.

Electric Skyways

The emergence of skyways for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is seen as a solution for lower-emission air travel. Companies like Volocopter, Joby Aviation, and Virgin Atlantic are investing in eVTOL fleets, with plans for commercial flights and city-to-city networks.

Intelligent Concierge

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is enhancing the online travel planning experience, offering hyper-personalized and intuitive recommendations. ChatGPT plug-ins, like the one from Expedia, act as virtual travel assistants, providing instant recommendations based on customer needs.

Business Luxe-Lite

Airlines are offering more affordable and accessible “unbundled” business class fares. This trend involves providing basic business class tickets with limited perks, allowing passengers to customize their experience by adding services like lounge access. Airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways, Zipair, and Finnair have embraced this approach.

These travel trends for 2024 reflect the dynamic nature of the travel industry, with a focus on personalization, sustainability, and the evolving role of technology and influencers.

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