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Hotel Indigo Bordeaux

New Hotel Opens in Bordeaux

Hotel Indigo, a part of the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle portfolio, has chosen Bordeaux as the site for its third opening in France. Nestled in the picturesque Chartrons district, this boutique hotel offers a unique and immersive experience for travelers. The central location, just a short walk from the Garonne River, ensures that guests can soak in the charm of Bordeaux’s bohemian cityscape.

Hotel Indigo stands out as a brand that celebrates neighborhoods, and this is reflected in its design philosophy. Each hotel aims to capture the essence of its surroundings, bringing to life the sights, sounds, and flavors of the local community.


At Hotel Indigo Bordeaux – Centre Chartrons, guests can expect a vibrant and distinctive experience. The hotel draws inspiration from the nearby Bassin d’Arcachon bay, the famous Dune du Pilat, and the authentic oyster huts that dot the Atlantic coast. These elements are seamlessly integrated into the hotel’s design.

The hotel boasts 100 uniquely designed rooms, each telling a story. The rooftop restaurant, Tchanqué, complements the experience with its cuisine inspired by the region. Hotel Indigo is not just a place to stay; it’s an opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the local neighborhood and take a piece of it home.

The Chartrons neighborhood, steeped in history, was once a hub for wine merchants and is now a thriving locale for locals and design enthusiasts. Its main street, Rue Notre-Dame, offers an array of dining options, wine bars, bakeries, and boutiques selling fashion, handmade goods, and gourmet products.

Designer Stella Cadente has meticulously crafted every detail of the hotel’s interior. The rooms transport guests to the Arcachon Basin, with warm and inviting colors that evoke memories of sunny dunes and breathtaking sunsets. The decor is a blend of elegance and authenticity.

Carol Hoeller, Vice President Global Brand Management for Hotel Indigo, expressed the brand’s excitement about being in Bordeaux, a city known for its culinary delights and cultural richness. Hotel Indigo continues to expand its presence in France, focusing on celebrating the tastes and traditions of local communities.

Stella Cadente’s design vision extends to the hotel’s furniture and decor, which feature unique pieces made from high-quality materials. The rooftop tables, adorned with zellige tiling, were custom-made for the hotel. The human touch is evident in the imperfections of handmade ceramic pieces and the thoughtful design of bed headboards.

The Tchanqué restaurant on the 7th floor offers a blend of Bordeaux’s Arcachon and California’s Venice Beach, serving fresh and hearty dishes inspired by local ingredients. Seafood takes center stage, with options like shrimp rolls and seafood linguine. Guests can enjoy signature cocktails and explore a curated local wine list.

Emeric Autier, General Manager at Hotel Indigo Bordeaux, described the hotel as an invitation to escape. It seamlessly combines the ambiance of a guest house with the sophistication of a hotel. The Chartrons district, with a touch of Arcachon basin, serves as the foundation of the hotel’s identity.

Hotel Indigo Bordeaux is easily accessible by public transport and is located near several attractions, including the Cité des Vins, the Bassin Des Lumières, the Jardin Public, and the majestic Place Des Quinconces. It’s a hidden gem in the heart of the Chartrons district, offering a village-like experience within the city.

The hotel features premium suites with panoramic views, premium family rooms, standard and premium rooms, a rooftop restaurant, a gym, a public coworking space, and four conference rooms.

Hotel Indigo Bordeaux is a collaboration between Hotel Indigo and Grape Hospitality. It marks the beginning of an exciting journey, with more openings planned for the future, including Hotel Indigo Florence, Hotel Indigo Barcelona Granvia Plaza España, voco Madrid Retiro, and Crowne Plaza Madrid Centre Retiro.

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