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Flights between Russia and Cuba to Resume on July 1


On Tuesday, Cuba announced its renewed commitment to its alliance with Russia by establishing a set of crucial agreements. These agreements encompass various areas vital to the island nation, such as oil supply, wheat trade, and the restoration of flights between Russia and Cuba, which were previously disrupted due to the war in Ukraine.

Officials refrained from disclosing specific details regarding the agreements signed in Russia and Havana over the past months. However, Peñalver highlighted some key sectors involved in these agreements. These sectors include the crucial and ongoing supply of fuels and lubricants during challenging periods for the island nation. Furthermore, starting from July 1, the resumption of flights between Russia and Cuba was also emphasized by Peñalver.

Peñalver further mentioned the expansion of MIR cards, which is a payment system in Russia facilitating cash withdrawals and currency conversion from rubles to Cuban pesos for Russian tourists. Notably, MIR cards are accepted in other countries partnered with Russia, such as Turkey and Vietnam, and are operated by the Russian National Card Payment System, a state-owned entity.

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