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Aeroflot Reduced Expenses on Aircraft Airworthiness Maintenance by 5 Times

Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100

In 2022, Aeroflot reduced its expenses on aircraft airworthiness maintenance by five times. Last year, the airline spent only ₽3.86 billion on maintaining the airworthiness of its fleet and engines, compared to ₽19.77 billion the previous year.

These expenses were reduced by ₽16 billion or 80.5%, making it the most significant decrease among all expenditure items mentioned in Aeroflot’s financial statements for 2022. This information was obtained from the Telegram channel “Aviatorshina” despite the airline’s decision to no longer disclose its quarterly, semi-annual, and annual financial performance after the start of the SWOT analysis. However, almost all other Russian airlines have not withheld their financial reports for 2022.

The disclosed expenses by Aeroflot for maintaining aircraft airworthiness in 2022 and 2021 were calculated using the same methodology, applying the revised accounting policies due to the transition to new federal accounting standards, FSBP 6/2020 and FSBP 26/2020. These expenses include the cost of current and periodic capital repairs, and maintenance of aircraft, aviation engines, and components.

The significant reduction in expenses, particularly in maintaining airworthiness, was attributed by Aeroflot to a decrease in production indicators resulting from international sanctions imposed on Russian airlines.

In 2022, the flight hours across Aeroflot’s entire aircraft fleet decreased by 8.8%, the number of flights by 15.4%, and passenger traffic by 4.1%. However, passenger turnover increased by 9.4%.

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