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Aeroflot Limits Catering on Moscow to Seychelles Flights Due to Sanctions

Aeroflot has announced restrictions on food provision for flights from Moscow to the Seychelles and vice versa due to sanctions.

Aeroflot notified flight attendants of a reduction in the variety of meals served on flights SU244 Moscow to Seychelles and SU245 Seychelles to Moscow until further notice.

According to the circulated operational information, catering for these flights will be loaded at Sheremetyevo Airport for outbound and return flights.

Business class passengers on Aeroflot flights will no longer be offered soups and salads, and on flight SU245, menu cards will not be provided. For comfort, meals will be loaded in lunch boxes, and metal utensils will be replaced with plastic ones; menu cards will also be absent. For economy class, meals will be loaded in snack boxes, snacks will no longer be provided to passengers, and utensils will also be switched to plastic. Additionally, all classes will no longer have onboard sales and the “Menu on Demand” service.


In anticipation of passenger dissatisfaction with the meal options, Aeroflot has prepared special phrases in Russian and English for flight attendants. They are advised to explain the imposed dietary restrictions as a result of sanctions imposed by unfriendly countries towards Russia, which complicate financial transactions due to the risk of secondary sanctions for counterparties.

The changes in the menu are caused by the sanction actions of unfriendly counties. The airline is working on finding possible ways to overcome this limitations and resume proving service on usual level. I apologize for the inconvinience.

Flight attendants of the Russian airline Aeroflot have been ordered to keep a record of toilet paper back in 2022.

Source: aviatorshina

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