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The American Woman Without Passport Gets on Wrong Flight and Ends Up in Jamaica

Caribbean Princess, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Beverly Ellis-Hebard of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, traveled to Jamaica on a wrong flight instead of arriving in Jacksonville, Florida, due to an error by airport staff.

As Business Insider writes, the American was sent to the wrong plane and she did not have her passport with her.

The woman often moves between her home in Philadelphia and the second – in Jacksonville. This time, she decided to take a scheduled Frontier Airlines flight to spend time in the sunshine state.

The problem arose when the woman decided to go to the toilet before departure. An airline employee assured her that she had 20 minutes. However, upon returning, it turned out that the plane was already almost full, and she was rushed to board after checking her boarding pass. In a panic, Ellis-Hebard cut her hand while loading her carry-on luggage.

The flight attendant on the plane treated the American woman’s wound and assured her that she could relax before arriving in Jamaica.

“I would love to fly there, but I already have a beach where I live,” Beverly joked.

However, the flight attendant clarified that this was not a joke at all, and the plane was really flying to Jamaica.

“You enter another country without a passport. This is bad,” added the airline employee.

Note that the distance between Philadelphia and Jamaica is approximately 900 miles (1,450 km). The authorities of another country allowed Ellis-Hebard to remain on the bridge between the plane and the airport, so she did not officially leave the territory of the United States.

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