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Norway Tighten Visa Rules for Russian Citizens

Norwegian authorities will tighten visa rules for Russian citizens due to fears visitors from Russia won’t return home after their trip. 

Visa rules for Russian citizens visiting friends, siblings and partners in Norway will be tightened significantly so that these applications will typically be rejected. Those visiting from Russia for business and cultural purposes will also have a more challenging time being granted a visa.

However, Norwegian authorities will not tighten rules for parents, children and spouses who want to visit someone in Norway.

“(The decision is based on) the assessment of whether the visa applicant will probably return to their home country after the visit to Norway,” Håvard Sæthre from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) wrote to NRK in an email. 

Latvia might significantly limit the issuance of temporary residence permits to citizens of Russia, the Interior Minister tweeted on March 23. Latvia as well suspending, for an indefinite period, the issuing of visas to Russian nationals, except for humanitarian reasons and other special cases.

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