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How to Relax and Have Fun at Australia’s Crown Hotels

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Crown Resorts are one of the most famous holiday destinations across Australia. Many tourists visit Australia for the sheer purpose of spending quality time at Crown! Over the years, the resort has earned iconic status. It has since been featured in a lot of movies, TV shows, and general pop culture. What is more, it has firmly established itself as a top entertainment venue in the country. While it may seem like a regular hotel and casino complex, there is a lot more to Crown. Its fame largely comes down to excellent service and outstanding, state of the art facilities.

Here are a couple of things to keep you entertained and make your stay at Crown Resorts even more enjoyable!

Live Theatre

You might think that a theater is the last thing you need in a resort complex. But Crown’s theater is completely different. It is a destination in its own right, offering a whole variety of shows and plays, shown nowhere else in Australia. Besides, it is a great way to spend your evening: add some culture into your life! Now that you have a chance, go and see a play. The repertoire covers everything from burlesque to stand-up comedy or musicals. Trust the Crown live theatre to give you a taste of luxury and quality entertainment, which will shake up your regular evening routine!

Music Show

Crown Resorts has one of the finest selections of live music. Expect top musicians, playing at the Crown music hall at any given time. Some of Australia’s favorite singers like Doug Parkinson or Tom Burlington are putting on amazing shows at the Palm, located within the confines of the resort. A lot of people book these shows just to see their favorite artists perform in real life. If you are staying at the hotel, do not miss out on the chance to enjoy great musical talent up close. One word of advice: book your tickets in advance, if possible.


Despite all the amazing facilities, and world-class, premium service, the main star of the resort is the casino. It is one of the most luxurious casinos in the world! It offers top-notch service, thrilling games, a huge collection of slots, all based on different themes. It makes the entire experience even more rich or fulfilling. You can play famous Aussie pokies and choose from virtually endless options. If you are in Australia, you have to enjoy a fun night at the casino. With the best service in the land, that is for sure! The casino interior is already enough to make you want to pay a visit. Trust us: this a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will not forget. This is why so many people keep on coming back to the casino. It has set a new industry standard, raising the bar across the globe.

Crown Hotels Melbourne-casino


Crown might be famous for its casino but its dining scene is no less impressive! Packed with high-class restaurants that offer the most elaborate, delicious dishes along with spectacular views. Add the amazing service, and you have the one and only Crown experience. There is a huge variety of different types of food on offer. You should have no problem finding something to your own taste or linking. Just make sure to book a table, preferably well in advance.


If you feel like enjoying something less upscale, offering a more informal or relaxed atmosphere, then you can turn to one of the Crown bars. Crown offers an impressive selection of drinks and snacks, wherever you are. If you are there with friends, make sure to check them out and enjoy your night!


In most cases, going to the hotel spa is a pretty standard experience. But considering the elevated standard of the entire hotel, their spa is also something else. After a long night at the casino or different bars, you can also turn to Crown spa for a relaxing treatment. Use this time to recover from all the fun and partying.

crown hotels perth


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