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S7 Boeing 737 MAX

Russia’s First Boeing 737 MAX Joins the S7 Airlines Fleet

S7 Airlines has announced that it has received the first Boeing 737 MAX new-generation airliner in Russia. The aircraft will be based in Novosibirsk.

The Boeing 737 MAX will start flying this week: passengers on the Novosibirsk to Moscow and Chita routes will be the first to enjoy flying on the new airliner in the S7 Airlines fleet.

The Boeing 737-8 MAX joined the fleet of Globus Airline (which flies under the S7 brand) directly from the manufacturer’s factory in Seattle, and is supplied to the airline by the Air Lease Corporation under a lease agreement.

The new Boeing 737 MAX is the first of 11 such aircraft ordered by S7 Airlines. These will be delivered by 2020.

This aircraft can carry 176 passengers, 8 in business class and 168 in economy class. Its modern seats are equipped with special holders for mobile devices. A miniature three-stage stand at eye-level allows passengers to attach their tablets or smartphones to the back of the seat in front of them. The seats also have USB sockets, allowing passengers to charge their devices during the flight.

The Boeing 737 MAX has two highly-efficient modern CFM-LEAP-1B engines, which allow fuel economies of up to 15% and reductions in noise levels of up to 40%, compared to the previous generation of narrow-fuselage airliners. This will not only make flights more comfortable for passengers, but also for people living near airports. The aircraft’s nitrogen emissions levels are just 50% of the limit set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard.

The airliner has new Advanced Technology winglets on the tips of its wings: these minimize air resistance and help improve the airliner’s performance specifications, including by allowing it to fly longer distances.

The Boeing 737 MAX is fitted with a Sky Interior cabin, with gently-curved walls and a special lighting system that passengers who have flown on S7 Airlines’ Boeing 737-800NGs will already have experienced. The aircraft has increased-capacity luggage compartments, with enough space for all passengers to stow their hand luggage above their seat. The manufacturer has updated the individual lighting controls and fitted speakers for each row of seats, thus improving sound quality and making it easier to hear all announcements made through the aircraft’s speaker system.

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