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Wi-Fi on Board Russian Aircraft to Become Ubiquitous by 2028

Wi-Fi on board aircraft in Russia is set to become widespread by 2028, according to Maksut Shadayev, the head of Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media.

In February, Shadayev stated that the development of a satellite communication constellation would be one of the primary goals of the new national project “Data Economy.” As part of this initiative, Russia plans to launch three satellites in 2026, which will provide broadband internet services.

Previously, Shadayev outlined ten key objectives for the ministry in the near future. Among these objectives is the mass production of domestic base stations to support the development of 4G and 5G mobile networks.

Currently, Russian airlines offer Wi-Fi on board, but it does not provide internet access. Instead, it connects passengers to the aircraft’s media hub, allowing them to watch movies or entertainment programs on their smartphones or tablets. Aeroflot previously provided internet access on its flights but discontinued this service in 2022.

The upcoming deployment of satellite-based broadband is expected to enhance connectivity options, enabling passengers to access the global internet network during flights, significantly improving the in-flight experience for travelers in Russia.

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