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Turkey to Stop Servicing 30 Russian Aircraft

Turkish aviation authorities for the third time partially satisfied the requirements of the US Department of Commerce to stop servicing Russian aircraft included in the sanctions list of this US department (this is a separate list that is not related to the discussion about “double” registration).

On March 14, the US Treasury sent a letter to representatives of the Turkish aviation industry asking them not to service some aircraft flying from Russia to Turkey from March 16.

The list presented in the Turkish aviation media has only 30 specific aircraft:

Aeroflot: 2 wide-body Boeing-777 and 15 Boeing-737,
5 Boeing-737 airlines S7
4 Boeing-737 airlines UTair
2 Airbus-320 and 321 of Yamal Airlines
1 Boeing-767 of AZUR Air
1 Boeing-737 “Icarus”

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