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Turkey Will Not Supply Fuel to Russian Aircraft

The Ministry of Customs and Trade in Turkey has issued a directive that bans the supply of fuel and related services to Russian and Belorussian aircraft within the country’s borders.

According to the decision taken, as of March 14, the provision of various services to aircraft manufactured in the USA and under Russian-Belarusian control was stopped.

Refueling and related services are prohibited for Russian and Belorussian private, cargo, commercial, charter aircraft or aircraft manufactured in any foreign country and containing more than 25 percent US-origin raw materials.

So far we know about 15 Aeroflot aircraft, 1 Utair, 2 Rossiya aircraft, 7 Belavia planes, 5 planes S7, 4 Utair planes, 1 Pegas, and 2 Yamal aircraft.


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