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Travel Horoscope

Travel Horoscope for the Year 2024

Astrologer Stef Kaufman has crafted a travel horoscope for Conde Nast Traveler magazine for the year 2024.

According to the astrologer’s insights (which can be taken with a good dose of humor or, conversely, considered seriously), 2024 will stimulate our desire to travel. Jupiter in Taurus will make the first half of the year, up to May, favorable for ecotourism, wine tourism, gastronomic tourism, visiting national parks, and participating in music festivals.

Stef Kaufman dubbed the end of April and May as the ideal time for travel. Everything surrounding us during this period—food, nature, art—will hold significance for the entire year.

According to her, on May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini, marking the start of a period of curiosity and learning. People may experience intellectual hunger, and business trips, conferences, and seminars will help satisfy it. Everything will be fine if our minds are satisfied.

Travel Horoscope for the Year 2024:

Aries: Kimberley, Australia

Aries prefer solo adventures, seeking landmarks untouched by crowds. The northwest coast of Australia, specifically Kimberley, offers a “wild” experience with ancient Aboriginal rock art, untouched nature, and vast uninhabited territories.

Taurus: Kobe, Japan

Known as gourmets, Taurus individuals appreciate thoughtful urban design and good architecture. Kobe, Japan, fits their taste with renowned cuisine, modern design, and numerous hot springs in the vicinity.

The best time for Taurus travels in 2024 is late April and May, with a particularly enchanting period from April 30 to May 20, promising eye-opening experiences, according to astrologers.

Gemini: Madagascar

Curiosity and communication skills grant Geminis freedom in both public and private settings. In 2024, Madagascar, a remote destination, captures their attention. The fourth-largest island in the world offers diverse experiences, from camping among baobab trees to kayaking among humpback whales.

Gemini’s fortunate time begins after May 25 when Jupiter enters their zodiac sign for a year. Late May to early June sees Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, creating an excellent period for various travels. From June 3 to 17, Mercury in Gemini further enhances the prospects for exciting journeys.

Cancer: Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Cancers seek good food, company, and a sense of security. An ideal destination for them in the new year is the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.

The country actively promotes sustainable tourism, with new hotels on 22 islands relying solely on renewable energy. The mega-city Neom is set to have the world’s first 5G network with zero carbon emissions, utilizing electric cars on land and hydrogen-powered hydroplanes in the air.

Though Cancers may wish to travel during their birthdays in summer (especially from June 17 to July 11, when Venus is in Cancer), the extreme heat on the Arabian Peninsula during this period suggests planning trips during the Pisces season (February 19 to March 20).

Leo: Accra, Ghana

Leos enjoy both relaxing vacations and dancing until dawn. For those eager to delve into the nightlife in 2024, the capital of Ghana, Accra, is a perfect destination. Hosting the annual AfroFuture music festival in late December, Accra is also a center for Pan-African cultural revival, offering intriguing restaurants, unique museums, and vibrant nightclubs.

Leos should exercise caution if attending the AfroFuture festival, as December marks the beginning of retrograde Mars in Leo, signaling a less carefree time. Alternatively, a trip in May, when Mars in Aries passes through their ninth house of adventures, promises an energetic experience. For an early birthday gift, Leos can plan a journey from July 11 to August 5 while Venus is in Leo.

Virgo: Quebec, Canada

Virgos excel in replenishing their energy by disconnecting from the modern world. Restoring the nervous system’s balance is ideal for you in nature. A perfect retreat in 2024 awaits you in the Canadian province of Quebec. North of Montreal, you’ll find solitude accompanied only by muskoxen, polar bears, and beluga whales. In these wild places, Inuit guides can help you navigate.

Astrology recommends Virgos plan their travels from late April to May, the best time to break free from familiar confines and gain profound spiritual experiences.

Libra: South Island, New Zealand

For Libras, 2024 promises an exciting year of travel, especially after Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25. Give in to your curiosity and head to the South Island in New Zealand. Dive into the Maori history and explore the filming locations of “The Lord of the Rings.”

You have an entire year, from May 2024 to June 2025, but the end of May and the first half of June are particularly favorable for travel. Booking a trip from June 3 to 17 adds extra pleasure with Mercury in Gemini, facilitating smooth flights and delightful conversations.

Scorpio: Guatemala

Scorpios love mysteries, rich history, and excellent cuisine, making Guatemala an ideal destination. Guatemala City boasts renowned restaurants, and across the country, you can visit ancient Mayan ruins and the new National Museum of Art (MUNAG) in Antigua Guatemala.

The best time for Scorpios to travel this year is the end of June to early July, especially from June 20 to July 11. During this period, the Sun and Venus pass through Cancer, your ninth house of distant travels, learning, and spirituality.

Sagittarius: Mongolia

Three words: yurts, horses, and archery. Intrigued? Sagittarians are recommended Mongolia in 2024. Experience the full concentration of Mongolian culture at the Naadam Festival. Immerse yourself in the country’s customs through horseback riding, archery, learn the game of Bökh, witness eagle hunting, or simply sit by the campfire in the vast desert.

The tourist forecast for Sagittarians favors the middle of the Mongolian summer. Embark on your journey from July 11 to August 5 to return before the start of Mercury retrograde. Although trips throughout August are also auspicious.

Capricorn: Sri Lanka

Considered the workhorse among zodiac signs, Capricorns need to relax and relieve stress. Sri Lanka can be a healing destination with a growing trend in wellness. After indulging in yoga, breathwork, and Reiki, attend the Galle Literary Festival or trek through kilometers of hiking trails to tea plantations, local shrines, and small mountain villages.

The “astrologically best” time for Capricorns to travel falls in the first half of September. This is the most opportune period between Sri Lanka’s monsoon seasons.

Aquarius: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

No, you won’t entice an Aquarius to the most popular resort during peak tourist season. While they appreciate beautiful and trendy places, they prefer those unknown to the wider audience.

Ever heard of Santa Fe in the U.S. state of New Mexico? In 2024, it celebrates the 100th anniversary of burning Zozobra! This effigy was burned long before Burning Man became globally known.

Autumn is the perfect time for traveling Aquarians. The most favorable periods are the first half of September and the period between October 4 and 22.

Pisces: French Polynesia

The recipe for the perfect vacation for Pisces includes thrilling experiences and access to a large body of water. The 118 islands of French Polynesia can provide both. The island of Bora-Bora, the most famous resort, is a haven for surfers. Additionally, French Polynesia will host surfing competitions as part of the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Generally, the Scorpio season (from October 22 to November 21 in 2024) is an annual travel season for Pisces. You’ll particularly enjoy travels this year if they occur from mid-June to early July.

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