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Transaero Airlines Launches World Events Program

Transaero Airlines has announced the launch of its World Events program, specifically designed for people travelling to special events such as conferences, exhibitions, seminars, fora, and sporting events all over the world. Transaero’s extensive experience in the carriage of event participants and organizers all over the world allowed for a new product to be offered to the airline’s customers.

Transaero’s World Events program is aimed at providing travellers with the opportunity to register multiple travelers, as well as offering considerable reductions in cost. Once an event has been registered with Transaero, organizers and participants are offered special terms on their return flight to the event site, across Transaero’s entire regular route network. Larger scale events can lead to discounts and special tariffs.

Events are registered by email to [email protected].

Flight schedules can be very flexible – within five days prior and after the event, and organizers and participants can arrange flights from different cities– allowing for most convenient travel for each passenger.

To book a ticket, participants just need to know the unique code assigned by the airline under the event and present it at any airline’s ticket office.

Furthermore, the World Events program gives event organizers the possibility to receive Premium Certificates on Transaero’s scheduled flights.

The advantages of the World Events program are: enquiries being assessed on an individual basis; a Transaero personal manager assigned to each event; and the opportunity to receive commercial offers that fit the client’s needs and requirements. Participants of the events can join Transaero Privilege frequent flyer program and collect points on flights within the World Events program.

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