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Private portable hotel concept

Walking is such a drag after a long flight aboard your private jet. And then you’ve got to endure that long chauffeured ride from the airport to your penthouse suite across town. But there’s a solution! If you’ve got the money — and if you own a jet, clearly you do — you can have a portable hotel wheeled right to your plane the moment it lands. And naturally, it’s designed for a runway in Doha, Qatar.

private-jet-hotel-2According to designer and architect Margot Krasojevic, a private client commissioned the project for short stays on the ground. It’s got luxurious accommodations and a lightweight design that allows it to be quickly an easily moved from one end of the airfield to the other. Inside, it’s got a chic minimalist vibe to the small lounge, bathroom and sleeping quarters. The extendable walkway with stairs is covered by a cantilevered canopy.

The whole design is a bit of Rube Goldbergian balancing act, with hydro-pneumatic suspension sections that can be moved apart, locking the hangar roof in place and counterbalancing the different sections of the structure. If that’s not far-out enough, it’s designed to filter rainwater for consumption, uses a combination of laminated glass, photovoltaic cells, and LED lighting to create an array of visual effects, and uses “pattern recognition, digital, and radioactive technology to blur the edges between the virtual and actual.” Right. Which is probably why this will remain a concept for the foreseeable future.

Source: hospitalitynet.org

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