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The World’s First AI Brothel Opens in Berlin

The intertwining of AI technology and human sexuality, much like the internet revolution before it, has become an inevitable development. Enter Cybrbrothel, one of Berlin’s most innovative business ventures, which bills itself as the world’s first AI brothel.

This month, customers seeking unique and futuristic sexual services can book a VRX session to explore their sexuality, fetishes, and preferences. VRX involves having sex with a lifelike doll enhanced with Virtual Reality and AI. The experience includes wearing a 4D VR headset, allowing for an immersive sexual encounter and communication with the doll.

Building on the concept of doll brothels, which originated in Japan, Cybrbrothel adds modern technology to make the experience more interactive and, for some, more lifelike.

AI: A Judgment-Free Zone

Matthias Smetana, co-founder of Cybrbrothel, notes that despite the legalization of sex work in Germany, the traditional industry has seen a decline, with the number of sex workers down by 30% compared to pre-pandemic levels. This decline is partly due to the industry’s shift to the virtual world, with platforms like webcams and OnlyFans becoming more popular.

However, there is also growing interest in human-machine interaction, including sexual experiences.

“Traditional clients will be gone in the next 10 to 15 years,” Smetana told Newsbreak. “I think the sex industry will increasingly move in the VR direction, combining digital and physical experiences.”

Cybrbrothel operates like a traditional brothel, where customers can choose their “partner” (a doll in this case) and book a furnished room for privacy. The founders argue that the privacy afforded by their service is unparalleled, as machines do not and cannot judge.

“This can be especially beneficial for people with hangups about sex or certain fetishes,” explained Philipp Fussengger, the other co-founder of Cybrbrothel, in an interview with Euro Weekly News. “Many people feel more comfortable sharing private matters with a machine.”

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