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Munich Airport

Munich Airport Improves Customers’ Car Rental Experience Thanks to AI Technology

Munich Airport is sharpening its focus on passenger and visitor services and making car rental even faster and more straightforward. This is possible thanks to a partnership between Munich Airport, the turnaround service provider Assured Europe, and the Norwegian start-up Wenn AS. The innovative scanning tunnel from the provider of leading, AU-based solutions for the automotive industry has been installed in the car rental center at Munich Airport. It allows the fully automated documentation of a vehicle’s condition as it passes through and the detection of any damage in a matter of seconds.

Automatic documentation of damage saves time and ensures transparency

Car rental customers drive their rental car through a structure at the entrance and exit of the parking garage. The cameras installed there capture the car from various angles, and the data obtained is automatically evaluated and documented by artificial intelligence in real time. Within a minute, the information is available to the vehicle check-in staff for the return process. Travelers thus benefit from maximum transparency and a 100% objective assessment of liability for damage, since any changes in the vehicle’s condition arising between the beginning and end of the rental period are clearly documented by the seamless inspection on entry and exit.

Together with Assured Europe, Munich Airport is the first in Europe to deploy the innovative technology and is making it available to all car rental firms stationed at the airport.

Since it was installed, around 60,000 vehicles have passed through the automated damage scanner. Implementation at other German and international airports is already being planned.

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