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The Quirinale Palace

The Residence of the President of Italy, The Quirinale Palace Is Now Open Online

One of the official residences of the Italian president, the Quirinale Palace, has opened to the public online. Now, on the Google Arts & Culture platform, you can look at the presidential office and get acquainted with the historical halls of the palace – for example, with the Napoleonic drawing room (the palace was chosen by Napoleon as his imperial residence at the beginning of the 19th century).

For the first time, several “secret” rooms of the residence were opened digitally for guests. In particular, the chamber chapel. Despite the fact that walking tours are led to the Quirinale Palace, the chapel has never been included in the excursion program.

The Quirinale is one of the primary places in the life of the Italian Republic. Visits to the Palace, open daily to the public and now with access to previously reserved rooms, will lead to the discovery of a heritage of art, history and culture of inestimable value and of testaments to the hard work, creativity and genius of the Italian people. It is also an opportunity to learn about where the President of the Republic carries out his duties, meets the heads of institutions, representatives of other states and international organisations, spokespersons for civil society and citizens.

The Quirinale is an active, living palace in our democracy, playing a vital role in the history of the nation, today and in the past, and as such fully deserves its title as the Home of All Italians.

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