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EHang Expands Presence in UAE with Agreement at DRIFTx Event

EHang, the Chinese electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) manufacturer, is poised to expand its presence in the UAE following a recent agreement signed at the DRIFTx event in Abu Dhabi.

DRIFTx, held from April 25 to 26 at the Yas Marina Circuit, served as a significant platform dedicated to zero-emission, autonomous technologies, spanning from eVTOLs to boats and cars.

This event provided an ideal setting for EHang and Abu Dhabi authorities to outline their plans for future pilot-free air taxi services in the area. EHang, the official world leader in certified autonomous air taxi technology, inked an agreement with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) and Multi Level Group (MLG). With the support of these two partners, EHang is set to establish regional headquarters in Abu Dhabi and gradually roll out the necessary steps for commercial air taxi services.

Abu Dhabi has ambitious goals for innovative green transportation solutions, with eVTOLs playing a significant role. Californian company Joby also signed a pivotal agreement at DRIFTx 2024, signaling the potential for regular air taxi flights between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the near future.

EHang’s offerings include the added benefit of autonomous operations. The EH216-S remains the only pilotless passenger-carrying eVTOL to have obtained type certification, awarded by China’s Civil Aviation Authority.

Following the certification, EHang swiftly moved forward. Earlier this month, the company secured the Production Certificate (PC), enabling it to commence mass production of its flagship aircraft. This achievement marked another significant milestone after receiving the Type Certificate (TC) issued by CAAC for the EH216-S, a groundbreaking feat globally.

EHang has expansive plans, with an international customer base spanning from Spain to Japan. The EH216-S recently completed its maiden flight in Costa Rica and is preparing for commercial service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

This recent agreement follows EHang’s inclusion in the Smart and Autonomous Vehicle Industries (SAVI) Cluster last year. Established by Abu Dhabi authorities to promote autonomous mobility solutions, SAVI welcomed EHang into its fold. Additionally, EHang partnered with Abu Dhabi-based Monarch Airplane Manufacturing to establish the first eVTOL manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi.

Earlier this year, EHang officially confirmed the price for the autonomous EH216-S at RMB 2.39 million (approximately $330,000) per unit. The two-seat eVTOL is designed to cover up to 30 km (18.6 miles) per charge at a top speed of 130 kph (80 mph).

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