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Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines Premieres Redesigned Cabin

America’s brightest airline livery is bringing its signature yellow glow inside the cabin as Spirit Airlines unveils a freshly updated interior. Complete with roomier seats, a larger tray table, and additional pre-recline on every row, this latest initiative is part of Spirit’s promise to Invest in the Guest by reviewing and improving every facet of the Guest experience. The first seats were installed at Spirit’s Detroit hangar on a brand-new Airbus A320neo delivered earlier this month. The updated cabin and recently refreshed outdoor paint scheme put the spotlight on Spirit’s all-Airbus Fit Fleet, one of the youngest, most fuel-efficient in the country.

The refreshed interior design features updated carpet, new signage and a Spirit-branded color palette throughout the cabin for an improved aesthetic and modern look and feel. The new ergonomically-designed seats – manufactured by Acro Aircraft Seating and previously announced in September 2019 – are padded with ultra-light weight foam and made of a composite skeleton to add comfort without increasing weight. Seat enhancements allow for a wider range of healthy postures and movements, offering an additional two inches of usable legroom compared to industry-standard flatback seats with the same pitch.

“We listened to our Guests and went on the hunt for the optimal Spirit seat. Our new seats and cabin redesign were developed from the ground up to enhance the experience, while maintaining our low fares at the same time,” said Ted Christie, President and CEO of Spirit Airlines. “We’re the fastest growing airline in the country, and we’re delighted to usher in these innovations in Guest comfort as our fleet doubles in size over the next five years.”

In addition, Spirit is adding comfort to its Big Front Seats™, making the best value in the sky even better. Spirit’s updated Big Front Seat™ will feature a new ergonomically-improved headrest with plush memory foam, additional memory foam in the seat cushion for comfort and thigh support, and sleek Spirit-branded aesthetic with yellow and black stitching. Guest feedback and survey results helped guide these design enhancements with manufacturer HAECO Cabin Solutions.

Additional highlights of the cabin redesign:

  • No more back pouches and safety cards in the way. Our literature pockets are now elevated, saving valuable real estate for Guests’ knees.
  • The new seats have full-sized tray tables.
  • New galley carts weigh 4 pounds less than existing carts, and each new seat is 2.6 pounds lighter, savings hundreds of pounds per flight and maintaining high fuel efficiency on Spirit’s Fit Fleet™.
  • Middle seats will gain another inch of width, and every seat will gain nearly an inch of pre-recline compared to Spirit’s current seating configuration, with exit rows adding even more.

The redesigned interior will be installed on nearly 150 new Airbus A320 Family aircraft being delivered to Spirit over the next several years. Additionally, Spirit will update the interiors of aircraft cycling through scheduled maintenance. Other projects in the pipeline as part of the Invest in the Guest initiative include inflight Wi-Fi, a revamped Loyalty program, and self-bag drop operations to reduce check-in lines.

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