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Changi Airport

Singapore to Introduce a New Levy on Travelers

Singapore will soon introduce a new levy on travelers departing from Changi and Seletar airports in an effort to promote the use of sustainable fuel in commercial airliners. The levy, which will be implemented in 2026, aims to address the environmental impact of aviation by incentivizing the adoption of greener alternatives.

Under the new scheme, passengers departing from these airports will be required to pay a levy ranging from S$3 to S$16. The collected fees will be used to purchase sustainable fuel, which is currently three to five times more expensive than conventional jet fuel. Singapore’s government has set a target for green fuel to make up 3-5 per cent of fuel usage at the Changi and Seletar airports by 2030.

The announcement has elicited mixed reactions from the public, reflecting a broader sentiment of fatigue towards narratives of individual responsibility in addressing the climate crisis.

At Singapore’s Changi Airport in Terminal 2, the Hotel Indigo Changi Airport will open – the world’s first zero-emission hotel in an aviation hub, as well as the first of its kind in the city-state. Its opening is scheduled for 2028.

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