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Privium ClubLounge

Schiphol Reopens Privium ClubLounge West After Renovation

Today Schiphol is reopening the Privium ClubLounge West. The renovated Privium ClubLounge West – previously known as Privium Airside Lounge – is now larger than what it was before. The Lounge is an addition to the service offered by a Privium Plus membership at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The Lounge is located between piers E and F in the terminal and is intended for non-Schengen travellers. The renovation works saw the old Lounge being dismantled and a brand new one being constructed, designed by D/DOCK. The Lounge has been fitted out with individual workstations, improved food and drink services, a shower, a hand spa and more power outlets to charge electronic devices.

Northern Lights
‘Northern Lights’ has been chosen as the central theme in the new Lounge. The Northern Lights theme originates from the Privium brand identity and has been translated to the interior design of the Lounge. This has influenced the selection of materials, colours and lighting. This has created a unique and relaxing experience, focused on the well-being of the visitor. The new open façade means more natural light, and dynamic Northern Lights lighting has been installed in the ceiling above several areas. This lighting changes throughout the day, to create an optimally relaxed atmosphere.

“There was a growing need among our Privium Plus members to be able to relax in a Privium Lounge in the non-Schengen area behind security. The renovation of Privium ClubLounge West means that we can accommodate that. In this renovated and larger Privium Lounge, we offer our members a totally new ambiance and extra opportunities to unwind or work undisturbed close to the gate. We are pleased that this renovation allows us to further enhance our members’ experience of travel comfort,” said Franc Vink, Manager Premium Services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

About Privium
Just like the other Privium Lounges, the Privium ClubLounge West is only accessible to travellers with a Privium Plus membership. Privium Plus members save time at the airport by going through security and border passage quicker, and parking closer to the terminal. Furthermore, they have access to a number of exclusive Lounges. The partners of members with a Privium Partner membership can also make use of the Privium Lounges when travelling together. The Privium ClubLounge West will be open as of 30 June, from 05:30 to 21:00. 

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