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Ryanair Got Permission to Fly to Ukraine from Italy

The Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) has allowed Ryanair (Ireland), the largest low-cost carrier in Europe, to fly to Ukraine from March 3 to July 13. In total, permission was granted for 28 weekly frequencies for passenger traffic.

The low-cost airline was able to obtain permission after the bankruptcy of the Italian airline Ernest Airlines, which previously operated flights to these destinations.

Ryanair will operate this routes: from Kyiv to Bergamo, Bologna, Rome, Catania. From Odessa to Rome, Bergamo, Bologna. From Lviv to Rome, Bergamo, Bologna and Kharkiv – Bergamo.

It is currently unknown whether Ryanair will manage to open flights to Ukraine before the expiration of the permit. After all, a low-cost airline, like other airlines, temporarily canceled flights due to restrictive measures in most countries of the world. Due to the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, flights were banned until the end of May.

Currently, these flights are not available in the airline reservation system.

Ryanair currently operating daily or weekly flights on the following routes:

To/From Ireland: Dublin – London (STN), Dublin – London (GAT), Dublin – Birmingham, Dublin – Bristol, Dublin – Edinburgh, Dublin – Glasgow, Dublin – Manchester, Dublin – Amsterdam, Dublin – Brussels, Dublin – Berlin, Dublin – Lisbon, Dublin – Cologne, Cork – London (STN).

To/From the UK: London (STN) – Dublin, London (GAT) – Dublin, Birmingham – Dublin,  Edinburgh – Dublin, Bristol – Dublin, Glasgow – Dublin,  Manchester – Dublin, London (STN) – Eindhoven, London (STN) – Lisbon,  London (STN) – Cork, London (STN) – Berlin, London (STN) – Budapest.

Source: ukrainetravelnews.com

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