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Russian Railways Digitalizing Small Stations

The Russian Railways’ Holding is introducing an automated remote-control system at small railway stations with low passenger traffic. The new system increases efficiency at railway stations, reduces their operating costs and in the future will create a unified platform for the remote control of the passenger infrastructure. It already organises unified “Digital” informational at more than 230 small stations, with the number to receive the new system set to double.

The automated system provides for a single information space for all essential functions at the station: video surveillance and remote communication with the passenger, notifications via the station’s PA system, control of the entrance lobbies, temperature conditions, lighting and fire and security automation, as well as the possibility to carry out remote adjustments of the information board and train timetable.

All the functionality to control the operation of the station’s systems is carried out by the software, while the dispatch center handles the monitoring and control of the main processes. One dispatcher can manage several objects at once, setting the parameters for opening/closing stations, adjusting the timetable on the information display boards, the operation of the lighting system, video monitoring, and monitoring the state of fire safety. The dispatcher can also give passengers the necessary advice via audio communication.

At the moment, the system for remote control of railway stations has already been installed and is operating at 234 small railway stations in Russia. The RZD Holding plans to install such systems at more than 200 small stations.

The Russian Railways Holding is implementing a project to improve passenger comfort levels at railway stations. The waiting rooms at 32 station complexes have been upgraded, modernised and made more functional for passengers. 

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