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Russian Railways

Russian Railways to Launch Samara to Minsk Train Service

Russian Railways is launching a direct train from Samara to Minsk. The maiden train of the Samara-Minsk service will depart from Samara on 14 June and from Minsk on 16 June. It will run once a week, leaving Samara every Wednesday at 13:30 and arriving in Minsk the following day at 23:53.

The train will leave the Belarusian capital on Fridays at 21:57 to arrive in Samara the third day at 08:56. There will be stops in Penza, Morshansk, Smolensk and other cities. The train will have couchette coaches and compartment coaches, as well as a coach with seats for passengers with limited mobility. The train will be able to carry more than 600 passengers per trip.

“Due to high demand for travel between Russia and Belarus in general and for the Minsk to Samara train service in particular, on 14 June Russian Railways is launching a new interstate express train No. 275/276. There was no direct train service between Minsk and Samara before,” the company said in a press release.

“The train is to run throughout the summer season – until mid-September,” Russian Railways added.

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