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Australian Billionaire Resumes Work on Creating a Replica of the Titanic

Australian coal magnate Clive Palmer has revealed details about his project to create a replica of the Titanic, reported by CNN.

One of the richest individuals on the Green Continent held a press conference at the Sydney Opera House. Palmer’s company, Blue Star Line, named after the White Star Line that owned the original Titanic, will be responsible for constructing the liner. Like the ship that sank in 1912, the “Titanic II” will have a length of 269 meters. The liner will be able to accommodate over 2,300 passengers. Construction is planned to start next year, with the first cruise scheduled for 2027. For safety reasons, some characteristics of the original ship will be altered. In particular, the capacity of lifeboats will be increased, capable of carrying up to 250 people each.

Palmer announced plans to create the “Titanic II” back in 2012, but the project’s realization has been delayed several times. One of the obstacles was the coronavirus pandemic and the decline in the tourism industry.

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