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Russia Recommends Its Citizens Not to Visit Estonia

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended that Russian citizens refrain from traveling to Estonia due to restrictions, the violation of which provides for fines and prison terms.

“In connection with Estonia’s openly hostile attitude towards Russia and its citizens, the Russian Foreign Ministry recommends that citizens of the Russian Federation refrain from traveling to the Republic of Estonia,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the Tax and Customs Department of Estonia, “hiding behind the all-Sov sanctions”, announced the introduction of a ban on the import of a number of goods into this country from Russia, including for individuals, from July 10, and also banned the export to Russia along with “strategic goods” (thermal imagers, drones) bags, shoes, electronics, the value of which exceeds 750 euros, as well as cash currency banknotes.

Greece is no longer a safe country for Russian tourists, as there are cases of aggression and discrimination against Russians.

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